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Re: Wastegate Port / Control

> Can you send me the info on how you did this??? I have a TQC as well, and 
> would be interested in this setup.

Yeah, it's *REALLY* simple.  All ya need to do is plug into a source of 
manifold pressure, run that into an aquarium bleeder valve, and route the 
output of that to the tap on the wastegate.  Then, route the vent of the 
bleeder to the low pressure side of the turbo, since you don't want to be 
sucking air into the intake when the engine is actually under vacuum 
(you get a standard vacuum leak if you just bleed to the atmosphere).

The alternate method is to get a pressure regulator (like they use on 
welding tanks, except designed for low pressures) and stick that between 
your source of manifold pressure and the wastegate tap.  The advantage 
here is that there is no bleeder hose to route to the low pressure side 
of the turbo, but regulators can get a bit pricey.

                                                         Dan Bocek