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Cant find help list?

Couple of www notes.
Have had complaints about the .wav autoload on the Audi home page. DOS 
users probably have problems trying to do a second load after the .wav 
plays. Im a UNIX user so I took this for granted. It is now gone, and may 
make it an optional pick if someone wants to hear Walter Roerhl sing 
through the gears in his 200TQ.

Also, the main Audi page is getting really long. I think its time to 
split it into two, but I want some input. Sould I keep it one page and 
just get rid of some of the older pictures (not my first choice, since 
they are pretty nice!) or just cut it into two and keep two shorter pages.

The help list seems to be getting lost.  :)  A couple people cant seem to 
find it off the main page. Look for the red and white cross and choose 
the text under it. If you cant find it try:


My domain name will be changing really really soon. So it wont be 
starfleet.itc.snetlink.com much longer. Thank god... The internic screwed 
it up when they registered us 2 years ago. It will soon be 
snetel.com     so you may have to change your bookmarks. Ill let you know 
when its done.

Thats all for now.

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