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65 max in SECOND????

In response to my post on the 200T now revving to redline before 
shifting form 1->2 and 2->3. Vikram the Killjoy said:

> Make sure you read your manual. My 100 manual clearly states that 
> 65mph is the maximum speed in 2nd.
> Regards,
> Vikram.

I will check this - but (pardon me, Vikram, because I know you're a 
sharp guy from previous posts) I can't feel that it's correct.  This 
would only be about 4500 rpm in 2nd (just guessing...)!!  What 
possible reason would Audi have to limit max. speed in second to that 
rpm, when redline is at 6300???   Heck, it doesn't redline in first 
till about 55 mph.

I wonder if the owner's manual has a mis-print??  I do note that 
yours is a 100 and mine's a 200T, but the gearing is probably about 
identical, so rpm and shift points should be similar.  Something's 
fishy about this item in the manual.

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