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Re: '85 Coupe Fuel Accumulator

> My brother in Florida has a '85 GT Coupe which seems to have a problem with
> the car dying - usually in unsavory neighborhoods.  As I remember he has
> replaced both fuel filters, has fixed the battery connection,  and has fixed
> a couple other things involving the fuel system.  He was just told what he
> needs is a new fuel accumulator (sits down stream of the electric fuel pump).
>  This is supposed to maintain the psi to the injectors via a spring type
> action.  As the part goes for $200 at his dealer, Carlsen quotes $152 + $18
> shipping, he wanted to know if anyone out there has any advice on this fix or
> more information.  I'm guessing he would rather be able to make this fix for
> next to nothing....I don't think he realizes yet what the AU in Audi sounds
> like.  Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

Hmmmmm, I always thought that Au was what you had to be made of to own one ;-)

>From the story it sounds like they are focusing on the FI system, but we
don't have the full story to see if it might not be something else.  The
FP accumulator is a big diaphragm and spring set-up and as such can fail
over time.  I personally have never had to replace one (of course now I
am doomed to).  It is my understanding though that the FPA is used more
to ease starting ... it maintains fuel pressure when the pump is off.  It
seems to me that if the pump is working properly a running car will continue
to do so even if the FPA is not working properly.  I would recommend getting
a second opinion ... there may be a problem with the fuel pump, maybe as 
simple as the inlet screen in the pump being clogged (don't know if this
was a problem on the GT Coupe tho).  My recommendation would be to take
a larger view too, does the tach drop to 0 immediately before the engine
dies?  Could there be a spark plug wire/distributor/rotor problem?  It might
also be in the ECU/OXS as well, but my thinking is ignition.

Wish him luck, and tell him to stick to savory neighborhoods!
Steve Buchholz