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Re: Changing the brake fluid on my '90 100

>No way!  Both pressure and vacuum flushing are inferior to good old
>manual effort -- pressure can unseat seals, and vacuum can draw air into
>the brake system.
>Just good ol manual labor is the best.

Except of couse that the manual calls for and the Bosch ABS requires you 
to use a pressure bleeder. Besides the only way to bleed your clutch is 
with a pressure bleeder.

As for pressure Unseating seals.... Pressure bleeding is done with no 
more than 15psi (fluid just rolls out of the fitting) Manual bleeding 
requires you to engage your brakes, charging your braking system  to 
what... 1000psi. (fluid squirts from the bleeder) I doubt that pressure 
bleeding is going to "Unseat seals".

I pressure bleed....... Just my $.02


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com