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Re: hidden antenna, etc

Thanks to all who replied to my question about hidden antenna.  Yesterday
I have my car serviced at Anchor Audi dealer near JFK airport.  And I took
a look at their new cars when I was waiting there.

They have a A6 and two A4s in the show room.  Through I asked some question
about A6, the salesman was eager to show me the A4s.  The interior is very
nicely finished.  I have the feeling that Audi is really trying to please
the buyer, with many luxuary feathers to show off.  The hidden antenna is 
on the rear window.  I turned the radio on FM and the music is OK (it has
Bose system).  Like Pual has said, they only have 2.8 V6 engine model.  
In their handouts of magazine review, the 1.8turbo is highly regarded and
it has 48.7mpg at 56mph cruising speed.  

I asked about the availability of S6.  They said they can order it if someone
want it.  They said there are only two to three hundred S6s in U.S.

In the used car lot, there were only one Audi.  It's a '92 100, already sold
for $19,000.