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Re: More Audi A4

Talked to one of the Milwaukee dealers on Friday.  He has 5 A4s coming 
within the next 2 weeks.  thereafter, he says, getting cars will be no 
trouble.  Fully set up with quattro and % speed, list at just under 30K, 
add leather it goes to over 30k.

Given the fact that Audis tend not to be very reliable when first 
introduced--if ever--I would like to see them develop a very aggressivre 
30 or 36 month lease program.  I'd get one in a heartbeat under that 
plan.  If the car is good, buy it off of the lease, if not so good, walk 
away after the lease is over.

Awaitng my test drive.

Bill Murin
87 $KCSQ