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Re: A6 silence continues...


I drove an A6Q recently and it was a very nice car.  Liek the S4/6 even 
more but will not pay the price, although 93s can be had for around $30k.

My next Audi will probably be an A4, V6, 5 spd, quattro.  Why?  I just 
dont need the A6 sized platform.  I do most of my driving alone, or just 
with my wife.  Dont do a lot of long distance driving anymore but do a 
lot of city driving in Chicago.  I've found my 4K platform very nice for 
Chicago traffic.  When my wife had her 5K I used to love to drive it to 
Cleaveland (no pun intended--the Cuyahoga River has not caught on fire in 
years!!).  My son was a student at Kent State, about 485 miles form my 
house.  My many occasions I'd leave here at 5am, drive to Kent, unload 
hom and his stuff, grab dinner and drive home.  The 5K was perfect for 
that kind of stuff.  Just did not like the extra length in Chicago 
traffic, so I bout a 4KQ and have loved it.  Plan to do the same re A4/A6.

Thats my reason.

Bill Murin
87 4KCSQ