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Re:Does this sound like a fuel pump problem or ignition failure?

Hi guys, 

I was the one who posted the original article. The problem is 
finally solved! :) It is the fuel pump that is going bad! I am just
surprised that the fuel pressure and volume check turned out ok even
though the pump was failing. The only clue that it was failing was the
fact that the pump got very noisy intermittenly and also the interval 
between stalling was getting shorter i.e. from a couple of hour driving 
to just under an hour of driving before it happened. 


	I just check my fuel pump on my TQC last night.
	The car stalls about after 5 minutes.  It looks
	more like electrical, since the idiot lights fail
	at the same time.  Anyhow it was pulling 8.3 to 8.4 
	amperes.  The value listed in Bentley for replacement
	is 8.5 amperes.  Does anyone have a typical?

	paul t-