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Re: Does this sound like a fuel pump problem or ignition failure?

 > Hi guys, 
 > I was the one who posted the original article. The problem is 
 > finally solved! :) It is the fuel pump that is going bad! I am just
 > surprised that the fuel pressure and volume check turned out ok even
 > though the pump was failing. 

Probably because the pump, when it was running, provided the required output.
It's difficult to catch the right time to measure it at the time its failing.

My pump failed on my '86 GTI, but it recovered after letting it sit for
awhile. The real problem was the other fuel pump- inside the tank. That one
failed, which caused the main pump to starve, overheating/overworking it
(also making it noisy), then freezes up. Found out it was a common problem
(and a recall too, I think).  The main pump was designed to run continuously, 
with the requirement that the fuel keeps it cool. The GTI is still on its 
original main pump, but on its 3rd in-tank pump.

Don't think Audi has those in-tank pumps, but maybe worth checking to see
if the input lines (between tank and pump) are clear and not kinked. Anyone
replied about the screen (don't know either)? Should have one- maybe clogged
enough to strain (pun) the pump?

I'm wondering if there's a spec for the (electrical) current drain at the
main pump. If it's working too hard, the current should be higher than

Then again, all this testing/checking may not be worth it now. Hope this
pump holds out for ya!

-- Eddi