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Curious and 12V..

I tested my antenna amp over the weekend - and in the process, ran 
down the battery in my 200T to where I had to charge it to get it 
running.  (May have been low to start with).

At any rate, I note my voltmeter shows 12v (maybe 12.2) while running 
at road speed.  This is bad news; nowhere near the 13.5v which I 
believe I should run at.  I charged the battery all night last night, 
so I know I have a decent charge in it.

I can think of the following FREE things to do:

1)  Check (semi-permanenntly sealed) battery for water level
2)  Drive it for a couple of days and see if it starts to act sick (I 
noticed last night that some of the accessoried were responding 
slowly, indicating the batt. was low - that's why I charged it).

Not free:  3) Charging system check at local (competent) mechanic.

I have noticed some bearing noise from the alternator, and at 63K it 
wouldn't be too much of a surprise if it goes.  My guess is that 
I'll end having the system checked, then yanking off the 
alternator and having my local electrical shop do a rebuild and 
replace the bearings.

Any other comments or suggestions?  BTW, do the Audi gods ever 
approve a holiday for our contributions???????

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