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Amplifier & Battery

Glen Powell (my long-lost relative) wrote:

>   Remember ur-Q owners, that funky OEM antenna
>   has a built-in amplifier and it it's not getting 12VDC
>   power for some reason you won't get sh_t
>   for a signal (QPW).
>   NJT,
>   -glen

Having checked the rear amplifier on my 200T last weekend, I couldn't 
agree more.  The check procedure is easy, but ione has to pull the 
entire rear seat, read deck panel and seat belt trim.  what a pain.  
Also, the check procedure involves meauring DC amps, at 10+ amps - 
more than most basic volt/ohmmeters can handle w/o "releasing their 
magic smoke"! However, even WITH the rear amp working, the AM signal 
is crummy.  This is the only vehicle I've ever had which has FM 
interference with AM!  I blame the dual-purpose rear antenna.....but 
I may try some substitutes just for fun (pulling the seat, etc... what 
am I saying???  EEEK.)

ALSO - fortunately, the sacrifice to the Audi gods WAS enough this 
month.  My 12v-only under full steam problem turned out to be a 
bad (original 1990) battery.  Sears has a vented model for $70 that 
fits fine, and is now installed...and now I have 13+ volts under full 

I'm feeling MUCH better now....

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