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RE: Audi info


Best place in the bay area that I know of, and is my wrench,

D&M Motors
190 Channing St.
Palo Alto, 94301
Deiter Mees Owner

They are a factory authorized service garage.
Good quality work at fair prices.

If you are into doing your own work here is a good source for

Wolfsburg Corporation Foreign Car Parts
261 Moffett Blvd.
MountainView, CA 94043
Dan Wolfsburg owner

This is a parts house for Audi, VW, Benz, BMW.
you will need to have a part number and this will get you
parts for 10-15% over Dealer cost.

And for a back up;

MAAS Auto Parts, INC.
35 Route 10
Succasunna, NJ 07876

These folks sell factory parts at Great prices. Again
Audi, VW, Benz, BMW, SAAB

84 5KST 200K miles