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Fine Adjustment Rod Report

I got around to installing the $33.00 adjustment
rod last evening.  It took no more than 5 minutes.
I used a 18"*1"*2" to help persuade it onto the
ball joints at the trasmission and shifter rod.
If you position the socket with one hand and 
pop it briskly with the helper, it goes right on.

The replacement part (remember no more bushings)
is a GREATLY improved piece.  The bushings are
now cast onto the socket ends of the rod, and are
about twice the volume ofthe old ones, different
material and design.  The results are better shifting
than ever for my TQC.  At that price it turns out to
be a CHEAP performance mod.  This may be blasphemy, but
Audi's of this vintage aren't exactly up to par with 
honda's in terms of slick shifting.  Here's a reasonable
fix.  Hope it helps your car too.

paul timmerman