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Re: one light on DIFFS

   On my 83 TQC, when I pull out the diff lock, (Which BTW has only one 
   position??) only one light lights... is this normal? I cant imagine, 
   otherwise why the other light? If not, it sure feels locked up when 
   engaged.. How can I tell if its working properly?


Stock UrQ problem number 15.C -- center diff doesn't lock worth xxxx.

Odds are real good that the Audi rubber diaphram in the stupid ****ing
vacuum servo has rotted away by now, so you're pissing all your diff
lock vacuum away.

Once you fix that (you might as well do both of them...), you'll dis-
cover that the incredibly-brain-dead linkage from the rear diff where
the center-diff-lock-servo is mounted to the center diff (where the
actual center diff lock is!) has so much flex and play and slop and
(you get the idea) that it's pretty much hopeless. You can try to 
taughten things up, and free things up, and lube and cast spells and
all the usual. You can probably even get the center diff to lock on
occasion (that's as far as I've gotten mine to work - sporadically,
after a while, sometimes). I don't know which is worse -- the damn
thing flat out doesn't work at all, or it slips into and out of lock
kinda randomly (green light "flickers" at ya) . . .