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Diff lights et al

Thanks all for giving me the input.. and you Mr Houk for laughing at me!! 
:) Why is it that every time I have a question, the best you people can 
come up with is a difficult expensive job?! You trying to kill me or 
something. How about... "Toss an aspirin in the trunk, let sit overnight, 
all problems will be cured in the morning." Noooooo, none of these!

So it seems, I have really only two things to look at.. the diaphragm in 
the center, or the light. Any guesses which one it WONT be?!!?!?!?! Sheesh.

Was at my dads place tonight, checked out the audi home page (here on 
starfleet) and boy did it look like sh*t.!! Fonts all over th place, line 
breaks in the wrong place etc etc etc... Then I realized... I wrote it on 
my machine and tweaked it until I thought it looked good. Im running 
1024x768 with different fonts etc. Does it look crappy to anyone else? IF 
so, tell me where , Ill fix it up. Sorry about that... caught me by suprise.


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