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Re: 1981 4000 5+5

1981 4000 5+5
'85 4000
'88 5000 turbo rearended
5000 automatic daily driver

The curiousity is killing me.  Jeff, how many more Audi's do you have???
These are the ones listed in the last couple of days alone.


At 12:14 AM 9/1/95 -0400, you wrote:
>After six years of looking, I finally found a 1981 4000 5+5 for a reasonable
>price: $67.50!  This breaks down to $45.00 for towing and $22.50 to diagnose
>a broken timing belt, which the owner decided not to repair.  After tracking
>him down (which was a job in itself), he agreed to let me have it if I'd pay
>the bill for him at the shop where it's been sitting for the past month.  It
>didn't take this usually shrewd negotiator but a millisecond to agree to his
>Unfortunately, I wasn't able to tow it away last night and some neighborhood
>street urchins broke out the rear window and both passenger side windows ...
>I've got a spare rear window but will be looking for the side windows so get
>in touch if you've got some you're willing to sell.  The body is as straight
>as that of any other 14-year old car and the paint is in okay shape as well.
>Of course, being an Arizona car, there's no rust anywhere.  :^)
>Now that you've got some background, here's my dilemma: the primary reason I
>bought this car is to race it but since I've already invested quite a lot of
>time preparing my '85 4000 and have a rear-ended '88 5000 turbo sitting in a
>friend's backyard doing nothing, I'm tempted to swap motors and turn it into
>a killer street car instead!  Talk about a (PD)Q-SHIP!
>I know this is possible but is it practical?  Has anyone ever done it?  I've
>got too many half-completed projects on my hands already to start on another
>one only to get bogged down in the details and have it end up gathering dust
>on the driveway...
>As always, any input will be appreciated.
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