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Audi Buying Advice


I was also looking at the 90 and decided to wait for the A4.  In my
opinion, the major differences in the cars are: (1) the A4 has a newly
designed front suspension which is claimed to reduce torque steer in
the FWD version, (2) the interior of the A4 is slightly larger and has
more trunk room (some of it at the expense of rear seat room and a
steep angle on the rear seat backrest), (3) the A4 has a newly designed
exterior which does have a more aerodynamic shape, (4) the A4 is about
200 lbs lighter and slightly larger as well.

Of course, depending on how important these differences are to you, you
can probably get a VERY good deal on any 90's that are still on the
dealers lot.

-Dave Kynor