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Re: No! Password!

 > On Thu, 31 Aug 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:
 > > Should I limit the password to onyl people who enter info? Seems kind of 
 > > unfair to the rest of us. 
 > > Suggestions please!
 > Most of the "regulars" to this list seem to be responsible, fairly well 
 > rooted individuals.  I trust them for some reason.  The bad part about 
 > opening the list to anyone is that it would be just that: "anyone".

I agree. For me, the net is too public a place for me to give out that 
much personal detail to just "anyone". I haven't signed up on the list yet,
but I would like to. I'm just building up enough "comfort" to do it. 

 > Since the list is public, and someone who doesn't belong or acts like a 
 > jerk/jerkette would be flamed off the list, I think that you should keep 
 > it "quattro list only".


 > "Take care of your own"
For this case, I'll (admittedly) take this position.

-- Eddi

 > Robert Phillips
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