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Re: Toss the Bomb!!

ok great! I have the same problem only FLORIDA is flat.
I guess I can find a parking garage.
... or a landfill
... or I can shoot the parts gun at it.
> Thanks to many of you for returning helpful posts related to my brake 
> warning light and "newly-replaced-with-used-parts-bomb".  based 
> on the comments and re-reading the manual, I decided that the 
> best test was the "how many times can you press the pedal before 
> losing assist" test.
> However, when changing the old one, I found that I really couldn't 
> tell when I had pumped the pedal enough times for the assist to 
> disappear.  Faced with this dilemma (insensitive foot...) I devised 
> my own test - let's see what you folks think of it.
> When the previous unit went bad, I felt it immediately when the car 
> was in motion and pressure had not built up.  Theerefore, I reasonsed 
> that I should be able to tell quickly if I had no assist, provided 
> the car was moving.
> In our fairly flat town, I found a "hill".  I approached the down-
> slope at about 5 to 10 mph with the engine running, shifted into 
> neutral, then turned off the ignition.  As the car drifted slowly 
> down the hill, I applied the brakes, feeling for lack of assist.
> Result: after the fifth pump, there was little or no assist, and it 
> vwas very easy to feel.  This is far fewer pumps than the book calls 
> for.  My judgement is that the new/used Pressure Accumulator/bomb 
> must be bad.  Q.E.D.
> Does the jury render the same verdict??  Or do you see a flaw in my 
> test??  I plan to call Shokan (the source) tomorrow and tell them I 
> need a replacement...........
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