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Re: Rad fan dosen't run after engine off !

>OK, which is it?  My '82 Coupe's radiator fan is shut off when the ignition
>is shut off.  Why drain the battery just to cool the radiator?  This would
>make sense on a turbo if water is still circulated to the turbo.  Don't
>some turbo models have a special water pump for this?  In any case the engine
>will just sit and cook because the water pump is not circulating coolant.

I don't believe that the Coupes and 4000s do this (my 4000 didn't). The fan can
run up to 10 minutes on the 5000s. The intent was to improve hot starts. Note
that there is an ECO for the 86's to add the 'feature'. This feature probably
results in batteries going south more quickly.

Michael Moy