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Re: Rad fan dosen't run after engine off !

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995 ang@indiana.edu wrote:

> Dear AUDI enthusiasts,
> I have a problem with my 87 5kcst radiator fan doesn't run after the 
> engine turn off, even in very high temp, I know there is a thermoswitch where 
> located in the upper radiator hose inlet, it's a two pin type, to control the 
> radiator fan after the egnine turn off. I short those two wires when I 
> unplug it from that thermoswitch, the fan works immediately. Therefore I 
> suspect the thermoswitch may broken, also I've tried to measure the 
> resistance between two pins of the thermoswitch but there is always 0 at any 
> temperature. I checked it out at dealer about this thing, they have only two 
> kinds, one is black and one is red, I've tried both but both doesn't work. 
> Both of the thermoswitch's PN are different from the one come with my car. 
> I found this problem after my mechanic, in SF, fixed the noise that come 
> from the 1st stage rad cool fan relay, I suspect that he may changed 
> the original one and put in an old/bad one, so the relay won't makes any 
> noise because no more current pass through the relay. This is only my own 
> guess! 
> Under this kind of circumstance, I really don't know what is the real PN 
> for this thermoswitch. "Could anyone be kind to send me the PN or any 
> information about this thermoswitch." I pretty sure the problem is come 
> from the thermoswitch, if you guys have any idea about this I really want to 
> listen about it.
> Thank You
> Albert Ng
> ang@indiana.edu
Dear AUDI enthusiasts,

So, do anyone know about the thermoswitch I mention above ? 

Thanks You 

Albert Ng