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Re: Password ?

> Bob, About a week or so ago I stopped getting e-mail period. So I
> thought that I may have unsubsribed myself accidentently. So I
> went looking for the quattro homepage which is where I think I
> found out about you in the first place. Anyway, what I found was
> a subsciption form requesting my I.D. and a password, which
> ofcourse I did not have.  

Just to clarify - I run the mailing list and the web page on coimbra.
Bob's effort is different than mine (parallel you might say).

You were dropped from the list due to problems reaching your site.
You might be curious to know that after 1 day of not checking mail, 
I had 762 messages in my mailbox, at least half were 'Returned mail'
error messages.  Can you see why I drop people if their sites
can't be reached...

There was a problem on my web page where for a period of time, it
asked you for a password to do anything.  This was unintentional and
has been fixed.

| Dan |
> Does the subscription terminate after a period of time?
> Was I issued a password when I first subscribed?
> I have three audis and as a mechanic, most of the work myself, so
> I hope to contribute to group.  I would appreciate a
> clrarification. Thanks Bob.
> Tony.  e-mail: ACA@NRC.GOV

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