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Shake, rattle & roll: new tires for '93 90CS

Well, I think the time for a new set of tires for my 1993 90CS is about
to arrive. The OEM Goodyear Eagle GAs have a hair under 30,000
miles on them and they're about shot. The fronts have maybe 3mm
left before the wear bars...

The car has been developing a seat-of-the-pants shake at speeds
above 45MPH, and it's getting worse.  You feel the shaking mostly
through the body but you can feel it through the steering wheel a
little, too.  About 10,000 miles ago, the dealer wrote the problem off
to scalloped tires.  Rebalancing the wheels helped, but not much.
This shaking has gotten significantly worse in the last month, so
unless I threw a weight somewhere, I think the tires are toast.

Some one else on this list was having the same exact problem with
another 1993 90CS.  Sorry I can't remember your name, but if you
see this please speak up and let me know if you ever got yours

Anyway, back to tires.  I've heard good things on this list about
the BF Goodrich Comp T/A VR4.  Are these still the right way to go
for a decent all-round set of tires?  I'm not looking for eyeball-poping
dry corning; the more the better, of course, but I'm also very concerned
about wet performance.  They also have to go in the snow, to a 
reasonable extent (can't afford two sets of tires!).  I drive hard, but I don't
autocross the vehicle.

Any other recommendations? TIA for all the advise!