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Re: A4 Ad on the Tube!!

My post last week about my A4 tst drive included all prices.  Real easy 
to get an A4 over $30.  

$26,500 for the car, $1550, for Quattro, $1230 for leather, $990 for a 
sunroof, $425 for the winter package, $640 for an upgraded stereo, over 
$900 for auto trans, $500 +if you want pearl white pearlescent paint, add 
sales tax, $425 for freight and some dealer prep & you are up there.  How 
many strippos are we going to find at dealers--very few I'd imagine.  

I'm not saying that the car is not worth the price--although the 
observation one Q network person made about the wheels being steel not 
aluminum, does strike me as a bit cheap on Audi's part--just that it is 
real easy to get an A4 well over 30K.

Bill Murin
'87 4KCSQ ($22,500 when new!)