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Re: German to English needed

A friend was kind enough to translate for me.  Also, please see his comment
at the end!!


>Munich - The contest between installing Sheetmetal vs. Aluminum for use in
>the Automotive assembly will be most likely given part by part to the
>Norwegian  Hydro Aluminum Automotiv Group. Ivar Hafsett, president of the
>largest European Aluminum producer - Hydro ALuminum (Oslo), presented on
>Thursday in Munich a double digit production growth in the Aluminum
>assembly for the Automotive industry. The company is investing heavily and
>expanding their capacities.
>While in 1992 on average 70 Kg of Aluminum were installed in an
>Automobile, by 1996 it is expected to rise to 90 Kg and by the year 2000
>to 120 Kg!   Hydro Aluminum also forsees opportunity for Aluminum Frames
>within Automobiles, where by the weight reductions of 30 to 50% are
>possible.  For example, BMW is experimenting with Aluminum frames
>currently (Z13 or the Citycar E1).
>Hydro Aluminum's output rose by 27% in 1994 to 400 Million DM and should
>rise an additional 20% for 1995.The Ertrag(?? Future Orders) have been
>higher than the actuals sales, according to Hafsett.  Part of the reason
>for the increase is due to the significant increase of Climate Controlls
>in Cars, which use Aluminum parts.  Hydro ALuminum is a leader Worldwide
>in the construction of Heat exchangers.  Increases in the use of Aluminum
>fenders instead of Steel fenders and Aluminum Bumpers contributed to the
>increse as well.  As long as US Automotive Companies continue to increase
>the use of Aluminum,  it will mean a win situation for European
>Hydro Aluminum is building its strategic Partners and completed recently a
>Cooperation with the english Group Lotus LTD. for Glued in Aluminum Frame
>construction.   In Fall, Renault's new Spider will start its Series
>Construction utilizing its all new Aluminum Frame, which will have a
>Fiberglass body.  Small and Medium production Series up to 500 Cars/ day,
>are still economically feasible to utilize Aluminum through other
>production/Manufacturing benefits
>even though the ALuminum cost are higher, according to Hydro ALuminum.
>Thats that, Engage ......
>PS: If you know anyone who needs translation of documents or Techical
>Prints, I have started my own buisness doing so. Refer them to me 414
>449-9000 Elmar Gillrath

[Note: Elmar's e-mail address is: egillrat@msmacab.remnet.rockwell.com]

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