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A4 does *not* appear to have servotronic

first my apologies for jumping the gun on this topic.  i stopped by the 
dealer this afternoon and asked the chief foreman for info on the A4's
servotronic.  he sounded puzzled and said that as far as he knew the A4
did not have servotronic.  i asked him if there was any way we could
find out for sure and he pulled out the brand spanking new A4 factory
repair manuals.

we went to the section with the entire steering assembly and from
the diagrams he said that if there was a servotronic box it would
be at one particular location and in the diagrams there was no
box as expected.  there was also no subsection on servotronic

before we despair, it is entirely possible that the factory manuals
are not in sync with what's actually in the car.  servotronic could
have been a last minute addition that did not make it into print.
audi could conceivably be sending updates to the dealer.

i have a set of V8 factory manuals and there are details that i *know*
are not in sync with what's actually in the car. 

e.g. the manual says that the slushbox will shift to 3rd at a standstill
to reduce creep.  doesn't do it in my car, never has.  manual also says
that 4th gear only works in covertor-lockup mode, but mine works in
slushy mode in addition to lockup mode.  always has.

i guess i can go drive the car sometime and see if it indeed has
servotronic.  the symptoms are that at a standstill you can turn
the wheel with your little finger.  is that the case with the A4?