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Re: new tires for '93 90CS

>Well, to follow up on my own post, I talked to the people at
>Tire Rack about some BFG Comp T/A VR4s for my Audi. They
>said they'd be okay, but recommended the Yokohama AVS U+4s
>Their claim was a bit better grip all-round: dry, wet and
>snow. The tires also have a 40k mile tread life warantee.

Yeh, Right, ever try to collect on one of those ?

>They're almost $20 a tire cheaper, so I don't think cost
>was a factor in the recommendation.
>Anyone have any experience with the AVS U+4s??

Are they V rated ?


No Experience with the AVS U+4s, but I do have experience with Tire
Rack.  Against the recommendation of a 'lister' (Andrew Duane and his Pal)
I bought Pirelli P500's because Tire Rack said they had better grip
and were quieter than the BFG Comp T/A's.  They were wrong.  The P500's
are ok on Snow/Wet, but they S**K on dry.  Andrew had had a pair of 
P500's and told me not to buy them.  Since then he now has the Comp T/A
and seems pretty happy :-)  Did I get that Right Andrew ?

The listers here have nothing to gain by steering you one way or 
another, but Tire Rack Does.  They may have a better profit margin
on the AVS or there overstocked, or maybe they're actually are

Caveat Emptor my friend....

Now stepping down from my soapbox :-)

Mike L,