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Back, plus brake question

     I am back from our vacation expedition, buying a VW Syncro Westfalia
     in Oregon and driving home (in a non-direct routing) to Maryland. If
     you want the details, a trip report is posted at:


     The mighty 20O did not appreciate three weeks of neglect. On start up,
     instead of flashing me the "OK", it razzed me with the brake icon.
     On subsequent starts, it did not appear. Then this am, it did it

     So I need to do brakes, but when? From the manual, I cannot determine
     if this is an early warning system, and if there are "screechers" in
     the pads that will come into play as well.

     I know I can pull of a wheel and look ... I just am wondering if the
     icon is the only warning, or if the aural warnings are also built
     into the cars.


     Tom F.

     1990 Audi 200 TQW IA Stage I
     1990 VW Syncro Westie
     1987 Honda Civic 4WD Wagon