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Re: used Audis

>What are the hot-spots for problems on these car's?
>What is a reasonable price range for these cars in good condition?
>I noticed a medium level buzzing noise coming from the passenger
>side rear of the engine compartment on the 5000S Turbo, is this normal?
>What is it?
>Thanks much for any info!

The buzzing noise on a turbo car is the frequency valve which fine-tunes 
the fuel-air mixture using a variable duty-cycle. The noise is normal.

See the archives for classic audi problems, but just to whet your appetite...
* Leaking steering rack
* Bad hydraulic pressure regulator
* Leaking hydraulic pump
* Broken plastic upper hose fitting on radiator
* Slipping a/c compressor clutch
* Eccentric behaviour from climate control system
* Noisy valve lifters
* Broken studs on exhaust manifold
* Cracked exhaust manifold
* Busted exterior door handles
* Vacuum leaks - typically underside of intercooler - intake manifold hose.

but of course the worst thing about audis is that they regularly
accelerate out of control, even though the driver is standing on
the brake pedal :-)

Nick Craft