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Re: ur)quattro strut brace

> Does anyone know where I could purchase (at a reasonable price) a
> strut brace for my ur-Q? Thanks alot.

I don't know if it's readily available here in the US but I recently bought
a polished aluminum strut-brace for my '85 4000 from Demon Tweeks in the UK.
Their part number for it is 03690 and the cost was L80.13 plus shipping ...
I don't know how much it would cost to ship it by itself but it cost me L40
to air-freight it along with a bunch of other parts (carb manifold, etc) so
the total cost worked out to approx. $200.  BTW, it's made by Sparco...

The end plates are conical-shaped to fit over the strut towers but only the
center hole was drilled; I had to drill all the mounting holes myself.  The
brace is rectangular, approx. 1"x2" and bent slightly in the middle to miss
the coil and PS reservoir ... it *just* misses the brake reservoir.  All in
all, it looks really neat -- like I said, it's polished aluminum -- and I'm
sure it will prove beneficial (I haven't driven the car yet since I'm still
putting the rest of it together!).

Demon Tweeks can be reached from the US via Fax @ 011-44-1978-664467. NOTE:
they have a close-out special on Momo's Olympic II 4-spoke leather steering
wheel in the 380mm diameter (just right to clear all the gauges on my 5000)
for only L50 (~$85!!).  Even with shipping and buying a hub boss ($45 from
GPR), it worked out to little more than half of what it would cost for the
Olympic III wheel alone here in the US.  It looks really sharp, feels nice
and my speedometer is no longer obstructed between 40 and 80mph as with my
350mm 3-spoke Personal Winner ... if anyone's interested in buying it with
the hub adapter (I also have one for a '78 BMW 530i), I'm open to offers.

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