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Re: Schrappnel Knobben Progress Report

  I suggest the 104+ SUPER octane booster.
  It is safe and works very well. I  have found
  that 92-93 pump gas works well in the '85 ur-Q
  at 15 PSI, even with the extra advance of
  the Stage II CPU. We can get the 93 here
  with no problem, it's relatively common. (NE-USA)

  I have not seen any real benefit in boost
  pressues above 15 PSI. I think I am really
  limited by the stock cam at this point. Boost
  levels approaching and possibly exceeding
  20 PSI are anticipated with the Killer ur-Q
  Engine From Hell (KuQEFH) project.

  Keep up the good work, *more* Knobben
  mit out der Schrapnel I hope.....