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Struttin' stuff

In a message dated 95-09-07 12:05:17 EDT, you write:

>  Yep! I'll give you that!   :)
>  The extensive stiffening of the cages the Pro-Rally guys
>  use likely negates any advantage of adding a strut brace.
>  Easy access under the hood might also be a benefit
>  w/out the brace. I guess I'll just have to install one and see
>  for myself if there are real benefits on the street.
>  -glen

I think you would do well to have one glen.....  Remember tho, that for
autocross, you triangulate you get in another class, you weld in the brace,
you get in another class, you are only allowed to bolt in between the towers
only for SP......  Now for best chassis dynamics (stiffness*)  you should go
tower to tower then triangulate to the firewall.......  Good luck

1inch square bar great stiff material
1/2in aluminum tube with Heims - even better, lighter, but more expensive
Don't forget there are two towers in the rear as well