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Re: what should I expect to pay (parts only)

On Thursday, 7 September 1995, Kevin Baluha wrote:

> what should I expect to pay for new outer cv joints?

Might make a difference what kind of car you have.  I have a 1987 VW 
Quantum Syncro.  A mechanic I trust charged me $500 USA to install front 
outer CV joints that he described as the best you can get.  I suppose 
these are the original VAG parts, but I don't know.

> reman shafts?

I have done a few CV swaps on non-VAG cars, and have found it to be a 
real pain in the neck.  I therefore generally buy rebuilt half-shafts.  My 
trusted mechanic (Brian Erickson of JAC Auto in Ramsey, Minnesota) told 
me that the outer CV joints and the boots therefor) they use are inferior.
Also, he said I would be wasting money on rebuilt inner CVs which seldom 
go bad.  It would have cost me nearly as much to put in rebuilt 
half-shafts myself as to pay him to install better CVs, so it was a 

Phil Ethier