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'83 Ur-Q for sale and 4ks front parts and coupe Q needed...

Hi all...
	It's been a while since I've posted... lots o' things going on. What follows must be a showing 
of love, either that or I'm completely nuts...
My fiance' is moving in from Ct. this evening in preparation for our Sep. 24th wedding. I found an Ur-Q 
in a photo ad magazine last night. I called and talked to the owner... sounds like what I've been looking 
for. Unfortunately, I already have an '87 Maserati Biturbo I need to sell and a couple other car juggling 
feats going on. To avoid causing any undue stress in our relationship I am giving this wonderful lead to 
the list:

The gift:
'83 Turbo Quattro Coupe
51K miles
All power options
Dark Blue w/ Brown cloth
Misc. Electrical problems (sounds like fuse block)
Owner says turbo is bad, sounds like electrical bugs are dropping performance
No rust, a couple small dents
Asking $6500, but in talking to the owner, I think low $5k is very possible. 
Car is located in Pittsburg area, owner is not getting a lot of intrest in car.
Sound like a wonderful opportunity to me... I hope one of you will be able to put it to good use.
Phone # (412) 863-6384

The request:
Now that I have your attention.... The reason I haven't been posting is lack of time... partially brought 
about by the cosmic attraction between the front of my '86 4ks and a brand new Grand Cherokee. I am 
having little luck finding lights, front trim and light mounting hardware. Audidudi has a set, but it was 
claimed before me. I really need to find these parts at a reasonable price... if anyone has any leads I'd 
sure appreciate a sharing of the info.  The parts I need would ship UPS, so anywhere in the country 
would be fine...

Finally... After the car juggling gets finished, I will be looking for a low milage '90 or '91 coupe Q. Low 
milage is required, darker or subdued color is preferable ( red last on list) anyone know of a perfectly 
maintained copy?

Thanks for letting me bend your collective ear, I hope someone will find this interesting...