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Re: Source for Ox. Sensor (88, 90)

I think Wolfsport sell them relatively cheap, they advertise in European
Car Magazine. I bought the 1 wire Bosch O2 sensor from a local part store
with the OEM connector for just under $40 dollars(including sales tax 8.2%)
in Seattle. I think the 3 wires ones are alot more expensive. You can 
probably Linda at Carlsen Audi in Palo Alto and see she can give you a 
good price. There are also PAP and Shokan. 

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> From: David Bokaie <David_Bokaie@NeTpower.com>
> Subject: Source for Ox. Sensor (88, 90)
> Date: Fri, 08 Sep 95 17:37:00 PDT
> I am getting sick of Engine Check Lite coming on and ready to replace
> the sensor.
> Was wondering if anybody recommend a mail order place that offer
> reasonable rates and provide quality sensors for my car (1988, audi 90fwd)
> Thanks & have a nice weekend....
> David