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Re: Turbo Trouble

I have similar problem with you . My S4 run slower since did 30000Km service
job. Max boost is 2.1-2.2 but the car doesn't push strongly as before.
at lower end it less aggressive than before ,and usually at 2nd gear at 5000
rpm. if you floor pedal ,it will reach 6500 rp. in less than 1 second ,now
it spend 3-4 seconds.
	AUDIONLY told me that there must be some leaks in the system,but
The dealer found nothing ,I have to check ECU unit soon,may be some bad guy
at dealer pick my performance chips out when service 30000Km.
	Anyone know ,are there any tricks to open ECU box without damage it
from something (like static charge etc.) ?
	How to take out S4's ECU unit ?,I found it but it looks difficult to
take it out and open.