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Re: Draining & bleeding?

[from Zafer on cooling system of 5Ks]

>In addition to the bottom radiator hose, you need to disconnect the
>heater hose that connects to the back of the engine block, right by
>the firewall. This will allow the coolant in the engine to drain.
This procedure drains all coolant fluid out of engine and radiator parts.
Then where does one refill the engine block.

Refilling only the overfill reservoir only fills up the radiator, no.
Then the engine cavity is still filled with air till the thermostat opens.
Am I missing some piece of the puzzle here.

Have to get into the cooling system cause hydraulic pump threw up on lower
radiator hose. ($11.50 from PAP). Have to put on a new one cause the lower
aorta is swelling.

Pentosin and Autobahn coolant all the way. Too many damn swishy things
occupying my trunk space for my taste. But got's no choice . . .

Thanks for any insight.
>No. The Bentley manual makes no reference to bleeding the air out of
>the coolant system. In my experience, this hasn't been necessary.
>After you fill the system with coolant/water mixture, let the engine run
>until the thermostat opens and the coolant circulates. This will remove
>any trapped air. Then add more cooalnt as needed and only then put the
>coolant reservoir cap back on.
>Couple of suggestions: Use phosphate-free coolant only (Autobahn or Prestone
>Long Life, in a silver container). I generally use distilled water instead
>of tap water; this eliminates salt deposits in the system due to hard water.
>'87 5KCSTQ IA Stage II

Ernest Wong