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Re: Lighted Keys

>Has anyone ever tried to replace the bulb in the key for an 87 5KCSTQ or any
>vehicle in that vintage (I believe they are all the same).  My dealer can't
>order the part, and I've tried the local electronics parts places.  Any

When I bought my car, the lighted key did not work.  So I popped the thing
open, inserting a nickel in the indenton and turning it to get the case
open.  The inside was all rusted and corroded, as if the previous owner had
run it through the wash cycle a few times.  Anyways, I cleaned off all the
parts and got a new battery and bulb from my Audi dealer, which they had in
stock.  Cost about $5 plus a few minutes of my time...now I have a working

Also, while I was "restoring" my key, I decided to use a white crayon to
fill in the "Audi" logo.  After wiping off the excess crayon, the key
looked better than it did originally.  Cool white Audi logo, instead of


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