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Mike White's remarks on headlamps are echoed here in the UK.  We also have a
minimum height; I think that it was formerly 2 feet from the roadway to the 
centre of the lamps (but I suppose that it is now 609.6mm!).

I once had a Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1600 and, to observe the UK rules, the makers
were obliged to modify the front bodywork for the UK market so that the two 
outer lamps were a little higher than the inner ones.   

However, with my present car the headlamps can be turned off and the foglamps
used on their own.  

Some years ago it was lawful to use foglamps only in snow, fog and/or heavy
rain but they now seem to be in common use.  (Perhaps I should check the 
current rules). 

It is an offence here to switch on high-intensity red foglamps (at the rear of 
a vehicle) unless visibility is below 100 metres. 

John G. Evans.