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Re: Coupe Quattro 90 air conditioner question.

>Capillary tube.  Anyone ever replaced one ?  How hard is it?  My guess is
>the system cannot sense the temperature and is not cycling the compressor
>thus leading to it iceing up.  Any thoughts anyone?

Your Definitly Freezing up the Evap core behind your glovebox.  The Evap 
core takes about 15-20 Min to freeze.... Does it snow from your center 
vent on humid days?

The capillary tube is a snap to install..... Okay it's going to take you 
about 2 hours.  But that's because you have to take out the center 
console but hell it's only 14 screws. (Can you say Been There, Done 
That..... Twice in the old coupe, and then of course 4 more times for the 


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com