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Re: Controlling Turbo boost

  Why not keep it simple and control boost mechanically
  with a stiffer spring and modifying the WG to make it
  adjustable? A WG cap from an older car should be
  adjustable. The stock adjuster can be replaced with
  a modified bolt that is much longer than the stock
  adjuster and will give you higher spring tension Vs
  the stock adjuster. You can do a lot with the WG
  mechanically for far fewer $$$ Vs some fancy
  electronic device or pressure regulator. The Stage II
  IA spring and WG bolt setup I run can go as high as
  18 PSI and has non of the inconsistent behaviour
  of the pressure-regulation setups. This setup has
  been totally reliable for years on the ur-Q. You could
  also eliminate the CPU control of the WG in the 5KQs
  by disconnecting the hoses from the WG and using
  the same setup as above.