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Re: A/C keeps going, and going....

> Well, OK, it's not quite as consistent as the Energizer
> bunny, but every once in a while, the blower fan in my
> 5kS refuses to shut down. It will slow to what I think
> is the minimum speed, but won't quite stop. The various
> checks performed by the programmer seem normal. Of course,
> it usually does this at the same time the fan is doing
> its intermittent, ear piercing squeaking.....
I believe that the fan is always running at at least the
lowest speed whenever the Climate Control is set to any
mode other than OFF.  (I'm referring to the CC on a 5kCSQ)
You may have to disconnect the power to the blower motor 
if you want the thing to stop.  I noticed on both the '78 
Fox and the QTC that if you go fast enough :) you can get 
enough airflow through the fresh air stream to cause the 
blower to turn.  I haven't noticed this on the 5k though.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)