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Coolant temperature gauge

I know the coolant temperature gauge goes south after a while, a common problem
with the 5K/100, of the three 5k/100 I've owned or own, they all happen to
do the same thing, the gauge works and then doesn't, you can pull on the 
connector and it would work....etc....etc....

The simple question is, does the sensor output do anything to the fuel
management system ?  Does it tell the computer that the engine is really cold
if it's not working or vice versa ?  I think it's a combination sensor, 
one side goes to the dash display with the other going to the computer ?

The new sensor only has three legs instead of four legs, and costs just over
$100 at your friendly dealer.  

I do believe this is a simple question, and probably can be included in the
FAQ of Quattro List...:)

Tak Cheung
'91 100, '92 Saab 9000 (yes now it's hers after she tried it :(....