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Audi Sound Systems


           I would go look at some 100 series cars with the optional BOSE spond
 system....I think you will be quite pleased.  It has a better radio/ head unit
, Bose speakers, and an amplifier.  I think it sounds damn good for a factory s
ound system.  It has a real nice sound to it.....It's hard to decribe, you need
 to hear it for yourself, but it sounds very Audi-like.

           I have an '88 5000CS turbo quattro with the factory 10-speaker "Audi
 Desighn" sterio, with a built in amplifier.  I think for it's age the sterio s
ounds great.  It also sounds very Audi-like.  It has great treble, but crummy b
ass response....this is why the Bose is better.  But, voices sound great in my
car.  You can hear the vocalist or person whose talkings breathing....like that
person is sitting with you in the car.  I like that.  The amplifier in my car i
s starting to get old (I think)....it sometimes cuts out on the front speakers,
 or the rears.  I think it is time for me to replace it.

            My uncle recently gave me his old Alpine tape deck, a 7374, Alpine'
s first full-logic head unit, and supposedly one of the best they ever made.  S
omething with the tape deck wasn't working right so I had it repaired...it cost
me $30 to get it fixed.  I was thinking about installing this head unit and the
n buying a really good amplifier.....one that would pwr 10 speakers well.  The
one I liked most was the Soundstream SA-164, but someone told me I needed an am
p with a bit more power and that I should go with a Reference Series.  But eith
er way I think Soundstream makes the best amplifier for the money, and it's mad
e in the USA (Jacksonville, Fla).  So, you can go both ways, but I'd listen to
the Bose sound system.....it might be just what your looking for (and it's fact
ory, rather than aftermarket).

              BTW, those of you with the Audi/Bose sound system, you can get a
wiring harness from Crutchfield that will allow you to put in a new head unit,
and still use the fact. amplifier.  It's really a low-to-high pass reciever or
something, but I ordered one, but my amp is going bad, so, I'll probably just r
eplace it.  This adaptor is specially made for Bose fact. systems.