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Re: *Dry clutch

     Buy it on general principle...the location is similar in the various
     5000/100/200 models, but different. Also, the brake bleeding sequence
     was different among the various cars we were doing last Saturday, as
     spelled out in the various Bentleys.

     As an aside, during our Brakesudfest, I noticed that we had three
     seperate Bentley sets spread out over the engine compartment of my
     car. There was an investment!

Tom F.
90 VW Syncro Westie
90 Audi 200 TQW IA Stage I

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Subject: *Dry clutch
Date:    9/14/95 3:33 AM

     I was just wondering:

           If I wanted to check the clutch bleed valve, and make sure the prote
ctive cap is still there and intact, where would I look.  I don't know where th
e clutch bleed valve is?  My clutch has always felt a little on the heavy side.
...I'm wondering if the cap is still intact.  I really need to just break down
and buy the Bently manual, although I've been saying that for a while.