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Caliper Update!

Well, it's been a while since my panic post about brake calipers so I
figured I'd update everybody.

Managed to find rebuilt calipers through a local shop for $102/ea!  I was
going to take a trip to Michigan and wanted to be sure the brakes wouldn't
lock up on me where I'd *have* to pay dealer prices (eeeek).

I had to rotate tires, so I figured I'd give the rears a close look while I
had the wheels off.  The driver rear pads were unusually worn...outside pad
had about 20% worn off...the inside pad had about 85% worn away.  YIKES.
So, I figured I'd completely disconnect the parking brake cable, replace
the pads and rotors and hope for the best.

Noticed that while disconnecting the cable...the cable was free to move.
It was the E-brake LEVER on the caliper which had seized.  Was able to back
the e-brake lever off with a set of vice grips and began spinning the
piston back in for the new pads.  That's when the piston began to leak
around the outer dust seal.  "GREAT..." I thought to myself.  Had to run to
the store to get pads and rotors anyway...so we'll see if they have a
caliper (yeah, right!).

Made a pilgrimage (sp?) to MOFOCO (a local vw tuner & parts store) and got
pads  and rotors.  Asked if they had or could get rebuilt calipers and he
said "Hang on...".  Came back and asked WHICH side.  Told him "driver
rear"...went in the back and came out with a beautiful, shiny caliper in
his hand saying "this look like one?"  Dear GOD yes!  $102 later and I had
a replacement caliper.  Took all of 5 minutes to swap the caliper, and
another 10 min to bleed it.  Rotor and pad change was trivial.

Will eventually replace the passenger side as it's lever is frozen
too...but not in the "engaged" position.  The rotors were basically
destroyed with large pitting occurring on the back-side of both rotors.
Once I get the other caliper, I'll reconnect the e-brake and adjust it.


Pads     $25 (Lucas/Girling organic)
Rotors   $90 (Lucas/Girling)
Calipers$204 (Believe they're ATE's, rebuilt...can check if it matters)
Total   $319 (compared to $700 that a shop quoted me)

I'm thrilled and saddened.  Can't trust anybody anymore.


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