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*Bose System NOT!


            You stated in your last post that if you had the Bose sound system,
 you couldn't just replace one component....you had to replace the entire syste
m.  This is not true!  Crutchfield has a wiring harness and adaptor available
that is specially designed for Bose fact. sound systems.  It costs about $20.
So, you can put in a Sony CD player, for instance, and still use the fact. amp
and speakers.  The adaptor drops the signal level down to the Bose level (which
 I assume isn't standard), so it makes usually incompatible components, compati
ble.  I have one for the head unit replacement that I will sell...If anyone is

              P.S. I like the Audi/Bose sound system in the 100 series a lot.