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Re: Idle?

> Actually, I have another question that might be easily solved ... my idle 
> speed seems to continuously dip slower and slower.  I've found that I 
> have to re-screw my idle speed about once a week.  Is there a way to keep 
> the screw from slipping?  I guess I could glue it or something, but do I 
> have to?
The problem here is usually that the o-ring hardens and doesn't seal well in 
the hole, allowing the screw to turn.  Audi doesn't sell the o-ring as a 
replacement part, but they'll gladly sell you a new screw with the seal.  
It is a relatively cheap part so it may be worth it.  I have had some success 
using small o-rings from an auto parts store but I'd recommend that you 
simply put some anti-seize compound on the threads of the screw so that 
it will not turn freely.  It might even help with sealing the threads.  
Be careful not to put too much anti-seize compound on the threads ... if it 
gets into the engine it is my understanding that it can poison the OXS.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)