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Re: Coupe Quattro 90 air conditioner question.

In a message dated 95-09-14 09:06:02 EDT, you write:

>   A/C in my 4KCSQ has the same symptons.  Just as it would slowly stop
>   cooling, I can smell a smell not unlike defrosting ice.  I believe the
>   coils are freezing up. Hooked up to the fancy machine , the pressures on
>   the high side and low side look just fine.  We pulled the vacumn on the
>   system and it held it.  We then charged the system with the specified
>   amount of Freon.  Alas..(sigh) the problem persists.  I took it back and
>   put on the machine to check for leaks (we pulled the freon out to see if
>   the same amount put in originally was still in the system).  The original
>   amount of freon was still in the system.

Recently read that when doing A/C repairs, replace the receiver/dryer if the
system has been open to atmosphere for more than a few hours.  I believe this
thing has some kind of dessicant in it to remove moisture from the circuit
(duh).  In a closed, freon-charged system, all's well.  leave it open to
atmo, it picks up moisture, lessening its ability to do the same job once you
close up the system and recharge.  Pulling a vacuum on the system before
recharge won't get the moisture out of the thing.  This may be what's causing
the freeze-ups people are reporting.